Madhú means nectar. My family name is Marta Lasheras Marzo. I was born in Barcelona the 11th of december of 1974.  I worked for more than a decade in advertising and film production - constantly benefiting from yoga to balance my life. My intrest for ayurveda started in 1974 when my mum Rosario practiced Hatha Yoga in Barcelona. I have studied Ayurveda, Shiatsu, Facials and Body Treatments by Pevonia International and ESPA also Jivamukti Yoga recognized by the International Yoga Alliance. I have been inspired by Sharon Gannon, David Life, Rishi Joseph, Tjokorda Rai, Deepak Chopra, Gabriela Bozic, Dechen Thurman, Gabby Bernstein. During the last decade I have been working as Spa Director and teaching for stunning properties in

India, Canary Islands,

Maldives, Indonesia

and actors in

The International

Academy of

Film and Television

in Antwerpen .


 "Madhú came to me well-recommended when I was GM of MesaStila, a wellness retreat in Central Java. Twice she came to the resort, and proved a huge hit with guests; showing them "the ways of Yoga" and inspiring each client to take their practice to new levels - from beginners to old hands!! She is a very gifted teacher, for me having been involved in the wellness industry for over 20-years I have seen very few teachers with her communication skills, patience and dexterity. In teaching a group of Javanese staff to be able to improve their Yoga teaching practice was a great joy for everyone. I have recommended Madhu to a number of the best Wellness Resorts around the world and will continue to recommend her into perpetuity!"
Bryan Hoare Worldwide Wellness Specialist United Arab Emirates.

Madhu exuded a personal warmth and integrity of purpose that was apparent from the first meeting to the last. Anyone wishing to be guided by purposeful hands and a generous spirit would be lucky to find their way to her classes or one of her workshops.

Alex Murphy Senior Mentor IAFT International Academy of Film and Television, Antwerpen, Belgium  


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